The Great Purge: Spring Cleaning In Dallas

It’s spring time in Dallas and that can only mean one thing…it is time for some spring cleaning! Do you need ideas on which charities to donate your items to? We’ve got you covered!

We have a list of some great resources that are going to make your donation times so much easier. Of course you can make donations any time you like but spring is such a great time to focus on decluttering, downsizing, and donating (or tossing) any items you are no longer loving or using.

Today we also have some tips on great ways to get organized, conquer your spring cleaning, and decide what to donate and where to send items in your area.

Here in Dallas there are plenty of organizations accepting donations, some of which can be scheduled for pickup if you don’t have a way to get the items to the charities themselves. Don’t worry, we’ve got all the details for you below.

How to Downsize During Spring Cleaning:

For those of you who want to downsize or declutter during your spring cleaning but don’t know where to get started…this section is for you.

Start by donating or tossing anything that you haven’t reached for in a few weeks or months. If you are nervous about getting rid of things that you will need or want. Put them into bins, give it a set amount of time, and if you haven’t gone into the bins to get the items out, it’s time for them to be donated, tossed, or re-sold.

Another idea is that if you haven’t reached for something in a few months or if you spend more time moving it around to try and get it out of your way than you do using the item, it’s time to let it go.

Items in good condition can be donated to charities which then resell the items to help fund their programs and commitments throughout the community. This not only gives your items a chance at a second life with someone who will use the item and love it, it also helps the environment.

Buying used goods and donating gently used items helps to avoid more items being created which helps with everything from waste to greenhouse gasses and fuel consumption!

How to Donate Used Goods To Charity Here in Dallas:

If you are looking for a really easy way to find out where to donate used items to charity here in Dallas we’ve got you covered.

Here is a list of some great charities in the area that are accepting donations currently and would be happy to benefit from your kind donations. Make sure to check out each one to see what kind of items they can most benefit from. Each one specializes in different items which means your specific donations can go even further if you prioritize which group gets which items!!

What Kinds of Things Can I Donate?

You can donate almost anything in your home believe it or not! Charities will usually accept donations of things like:

The one thing you should be cautious about is electronics. A lot of charities will accept them but only under certain circumstances so be sure to call and check on those items before donating them or scheduling a pickup.

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