It is never fun to get a high utility bill. If you just received a high utility bill we can help you make it easier next month with these tips for lowering utility costs. TO lower utility bill costs you can do a lot of things that are not difficult. These easy tips will help with utilities in Dallas but also wherever you call home! 

Trying to get a lower utility bill can be stressful but not to worry. We have some easy to follow tips that can really help you lower your utilities in Dallas. The great thing about utility bills is that there is always something you can do to use less electricity or even water! 

Ways to lower electricity utilities in Dallas: 

Lowering your electric utilities in Dallas is not really that tricky. There’s always ways to cut power usage without totally disrupting your life. 

Try out some of these things to see how much you can save on your utility costs next month! 

Check Doors and Windows 

This is a multifaceted thing that will serve two purposes. It will keep heat and cold out or in as the case may be and it will also help keep pests out!! 

Check all the window and door seals and make sure that there are no windows open (check the tops as they slide down if not locked) and seal up any cracks/gaps/etc. 

Take Shorter Showers

Did you know that almost 20 percent of all electric costs in a year come from heating water?! If you take a slightly shorter shower you’ll use less power heating water! 

Swap Out Light Bulbs

Using LED light bulbs is easier than ever since they come in a variety of styles and are inexpensive. You can drastically reduce costs by keeping lights off or using LED bulbs which are super efficient and long lasting! 

Call the Power Company

Did you know that you can actually negotiate your utility bills? Call up the company that supplies your power and ask about how you can save money and if they can offer you lower rates. Shop for lower rates so you can always be saving the most money on your utilities in Dallas! 

Wash Clothes on Cold Water Settings

Detergent these days is designed for use in high efficiency machines AND it is designed to work well in cold water. That means you can get clothes clean in cold water without having to use electricity to wash on hot! 

Make sure you are doing full loads when running the dishwasher, laundry, etc. so you can get the most out of your heating dollars! 

Double Check Appliances 

Have you checked your appliances lately? You can unplug things that you aren’t using which are still drawing even small amounts of power while waiting to be used. You can also adjust your fridge and freezer temps. 

Bumping them up slightly will let the fridge run less often while not compromising your storage temperatures. Also remember not to stand with the door open. Get what you need and close the door for maximum efficiency! 

Easy Ways To Cut Down On Water Usage To Lower Utility Bill Prices: 

If you need some ways to lower the utility bill price on your water you can do some of the same things as listed above like shopping for best prices and asking utility providers for discounts, also washing in cold water and checking your appliance usage will help. Here are some other tips to cut down on water usage for a lower utility bill! 

Turn Off Faucets 

You don’t need to leave the water running while doing dishes, washing, hands, brushing teeth, etc. Turn off those faucets and make sure nothing is dripping, leaking, or running excessively. 

Add A Bottle To Your Toilet Tank

You can place a water bottle full of water in the back of your toilet tank so that each flush uses less water! This is a great way to conserve water if you don’t have high efficiency toilets. 

Do Full Loads

Only run your appliances that use water when they are full! Do full loads of laundry and full dishwasher loads to conserve water! 

Keep An Eye On Shower Times

Taking more conservative showers will help with energy use and water use. Shorter showers are also good for your skin and hair! Though that hot water feels good at the moment it can actually strip oils from your skin and hair and actually cause you to have dry skin and frizzy hair! 

Hopefully all of these tips will help you lower utility costs so you can spend that money on something fun instead! 

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