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Moving to a new city can be exhilarating and stressful at the same time.  This is especially true when your new city is as large and sprawling as the City of Dallas.  Not to worry!  We’re bringing you tips that help you to settle into your new home city and make the transition less daunting. We have helpful tips for you if you’re moving to Dallas and need some extra information.

City Leadership

The City of Dallas has a council-manager form of government with a mayor, Mike Rawlings.  Council members represent 14 council districts throughout the city.  Please visit the City Council pages to identify the council member representing your district.

Accessing City Services

 Many city services can be accessed online.  Services such as water bill payments, traffic tickets, parking tickets, etc. can be handled without ever leaving your home.  Other requests such as reporting high weeds, litter and loose animals can also be handled on this site.  Additionally, the City of Dallas is a very environmentally focused municipality.  The website Green Dallas outlines the many green programs the city has in place.  This is also where you can order your “Big Blue Bin” recycling cart.  Dallas City Hall is located at 1500 Marilla Ave., Dallas, TX 75201.  A metered horseshoe parking lot is located behind the building.


The Dallas County Tax Office handles all of your tax needs.  Services include your property tax, car registration and license plates.  Through the tax department, you can find information related to your property and pay your property taxes online, on the phone or in person.  While initially, you will have to visit their office to handle your auto-related needs, you will be able to renew your registration and tags online.  Their website also lists locations where you can have your car inspected.  The Dallas County Tax office is located downtown at 500 Elm Street, Dallas, TX 75202.  The office has underground parking.



If you’re moving to Dallas, you’ll want to know how to get around. Traffic can be tricky! Dallas has several public transportation options through Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) including buses and light rail.  Bus and rail passes can be purchased through their app which is available through the App Store.  If you prefer, you can pay for the bus in cash, exact change only, at the time you ride.  Rail tickets can be purchased at a kiosk at the departure rail station.  Rail can be a good option if you are attending a large event downtown such as a concert or sporting event at the American Airlines Center or the State Fair of Texas where large numbers of people will be in the area.

A great way to navigate the Uptown area, if to use the McKinney Avenue Trolleys.  The trolleys are heated/cooled vintage trolleys that have been restored by volunteers.  The trolley system operates every day free of charge.

Dallas is a city of motorists.  If you plan to drive daily, it is important to keep traffic time in mind when you venture out.  The main arteries through town, I-35 on the west, I-75 or the east and 635, experience periods of heavy traffic throughout the day.  Mornings, between 7-9:30 am are particularly heavy, as are 4-6:30 pm.   635 forms a large loop around the city but the northern section is relatively heavy most of the day.

One option is the Tollway, operated by the North Texas Tollway Authority.   If you travel the tollway infrequently, you will receive a bill in the mail.  However, you can purchase a TollTag that allows you to travel and your toll will be deducted from your account.  To enroll in the program, visit their website or any of their participating retail partners.  Many grocery stores in the area offer this service.  One note about navigating downtown Dallas.  Many streets are one way so be aware of signage.



The Dallas Independent School District, cited as  “one of the nation’s fastest improving school districts”, has 227 schools with approximately 160,000 students enrolled.  Through their site will be able to locate the school in your area and information about registering your child.

Dallas is an extraordinary city that will welcome you with open arms.  Getting acclimated to a new city can be daunting but with these tools, your transition should be smoother and less stressful. If you’re moving to Dallas, do your research before you move and immerse yourself in the city once you arrive. Stay tuned to our blog for all things eat, shop and play around Dallas.  You’ll love it once you move here!

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