10 Things To Do In Dallas For Free!

a view of the Dallas skyline at dusk for the post 10 things to do in Dallas for free.

If you are new to Dallas, are on a budget, or will be visiting and want to plan some free activities this post is for you! You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have fun here in Dallas. These are 10 things to do in Dallas for free.

How to: Decorate on a Budget

Moving can be very costly. There are many things you have to pay for when moving like deposits to rent, fees to set up services, and other miscellaneous costs. Something else that many people like to do when they move is go out and purchase new things for the home. These purchase can really add […]

Stay on Track During The Holidays

Holidays don’t mean you have to let your health and fitness goals slide! Holidays can mean a lot of celebration, togetherness, food, goodies, and the list can go on. While this time is filled with fun, it also can do some damage to your fitness and health goals. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite […]

Let’s Train That Pup!

A lot of people dream of having cuddly new pets. Who doesn’t love puppies? Unfortunately, the reality of having a new puppy in the house isn’t as good as the fiction. Puppies are a lot of work, and depending on the breed, training a new puppy is not easy. Lucky for you, we are bringing […]

How Much Exercise Should I be Getting?

Let’s Talk About Body goals. Staying fit is one of the most sought after traits. Especially as we age. Do any of us stop think why that is? Well first and foremost, it’s usually due to wanting to appear a certain way. Whether we admit it or not, it’s true. We are constantly bombarded by […]

Dallas DIY Tips for Your Apartment

Summer is over and it’s time to bring in something fresh and new.  Decor doesn’t have to be expensive. And it’s not if you do-it-yourself. Check out these DIY projects for apartments. Paint Your Own Dropcloth Rug Add some color to your living space with a new, bright-patterned rug. You will need: Dropcloth Sponges Paint […]

First Time at the Rodeo?

Hitting up the local rodeo in is a pastime that needs to be added to your list ASAP. If you’ve never been it can sound intimidating, but don’t skip it just out of fear for the unknown. Rodeo culture is something so amazing to see and with this list of tips and tricks, you’ll fit […]

How to Stay Hydrated

Unless you live under a rock, I’m sure you’ve heard the term “thirsty”. There is even a term “Thirsty AF”- which is similar to thirsty except, you’re like really, really thirsty. It’s in all the rap songs. And honestly with a background in nutrition, I couldn’t be more pleased with attention being brought to hydration. […]

More Money…More Things to Spend it On

Saving money doesn’t have to be hard. There’s plenty of ways to save on a monthly basis. Take a look, the savings are all around. 1. Hit the town, for free Instead of paying expensive admission fees or cover charges, explore the area’s many free things to do. 10Best offers up some suggestions on their website, […]

Would You Be A Good Roommate?

If you’re thinking about renting an apartment you might be asking yourself, “Should I pick a roommate?” Another question you might find yourself asking is “How do I pick a good roommate?” There are a number of different factors you should take time to consider and a variety of questions to ask before making your […]