Hitting up the local rodeo in is a pastime that needs to be added to your list ASAP. If you’ve never been it can sound intimidating, but don’t skip it just out of fear for the unknown. Rodeo culture is something so amazing to see and with this list of tips and tricks, you’ll fit right in with the regulars.

1. DO go with an open mind.

You’ve never been before and that’s totally okay. Just make sure when you get there that you have an open mind about the whole experience you’re about to have. Accept whatever the night may throw at you because you never know what you might see in those arena seats.

2. DON’T complain.

Please, just don’t. Rodeo regulars don’t just enjoy the show. Rodeo is a part of their life. They take it very seriously and hearing you complain about the smell, or the dust, or the people… Well, it feels pretty insulting to our way of life. Rodeo folks are awesome people and we would love to embrace you as new members of our crowd but only if we think you’re nice enough to join us.

3. DO take your kids!

This is a family event! Never worry if you should bring the kiddos, they will be a welcomed guest for the day. Kids can have a truly rewarding and exciting time at the rodeo and there is a pretty good chance that they will be begging you to take them every weekend. You may create a new rodeo junkie!

4. DON’T wear flip flops or high heels…

This one should be a given, but… it happens. This is a casual affair where you will encounter dirt, bull and other animal poop, sometimes hot sticky weather, and situations that may require safety. Flip flops and other sandals can put you at risk of hurting those precious toes and heels just don’t make sense. Dress to be whoever you are and for comfort, but also dress smart.

5. DO ask questions.

We love that you’re new and checking out the awesome life we enjoy. We love to share the great time that rodeo is with everyone willing to give it a try. If you are watching and not sure what’s going on, just ask. We’ll help you build an understanding of the sport because we want you to love it too. We want everyone to love it.

6. DON’T expect just bull rides.

There are so many rodeo events that fill up the day. You will get to see some serious western skill, unbelievable horsemanship, unbeatable teamwork, and serious guts. Don’t just sit around all night waiting for the bulls or the broncs. Really take in all the events because the barrel racers and the calf ropers are just as dedicated to their event as everyone else. They deserve their fair share of the spotlight. Chances are you’ll fall in love with the night as a whole anyway.

7. DO relax and just enjoy yourself!

Don’t stress yourself out over what the experience will be like. As long as you are willing to give the event a try and just enjoy, you’ll have a great time. The people are fun, the action is intense, and the athletes (human and animal!) are super impressive. Rodeo is a way of life that is hard not to fall in love with and us fans are pretty laidback people. We’re easy to get along with so just have fun with us! That’s what we’re all here for.

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