Saving money doesn’t have to be hard. There’s plenty of ways to save on a monthly basis. Take a look, the savings are all around.

1. Hit the town, for free

Dallas Skyline in the summer

Instead of paying expensive admission fees or cover charges, explore the area’s many free things to do. 10Best offers up some suggestions on their website, including the Dallas Museum of Art’s free day.

2. Use grocery shopping apps


Your grocery bill is likely eating up a big chunk of your budget each month. Next time you head to the grocery store, come armed with a grocery shopping app. There are a variety of apps that can save you money at the store, on goods from produce to personal care.

3. Visit a restaurant where kids eat free

Eating out can get expensive, quick. Save some money and visit some of the Dallas-area restaurants where kids eat free.

4. Use public transportation

dallas light rail train

Here in Dallas we have an excellent public transportation system. No matter which corner of DFW you live in, chances are that the public transportation is accessible to you. By taking public transportation, like the DART, you’re saving money on gas, parking and even car maintenance over time.

5. Maximize your discounts

iPhone 7 RED

There’s likely a few bills that you can save money on. For example, many companies offer a discount on employee phone bills. Check with your employer and your phone carrier to see if you are eligible. It may only be a few dollars, but you’re still saving money.

6. Cook your meals at home


You can save a lot of money by cooking and packing your meals at home. The cost of eating out adds up. Save instead. Buy in bulk and put together a few days worth of meals. This way you can grab a meal on your way out the door to work. If you have any extra, just store it in the freezer and pull it out when you’re ready to eat it.

There are just a few tips from us! Have any of your own? Let us know! Make sure to like our MCLife Dallas Facebook page to keep up with all the happenings in Dallas!

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