Having a pet can be expensive. There are vet bills, food, treats, toys, and even housing if you have to travel out of town. We all want to provide the best that we can for our furry friends but that can really add up. Instead of blowing your entire budget you can use these tips to save money on pet food and supplies. Now you can have what you want AND give your furry friends the best options.

How You Can Save Money on Pet Food and Supplies


This is the easiest and probably most obvious way to save money on pet food and supplies. There are many online options now too! You can print, save, take a screen shot, even price matching is a great option at many retailers. I love using manufacturers coupons at my local Tractor Supply store. They carry my favorite brands of pet food and they always run sales and deals that I can combine with coupons from online, the newspaper, and even their own website. Many stores also offer price matching which is a great way to use a coupon AND get some extra off with the lowest price around on the same product.

Shop the Sales

Every store has sales at some point or another. Check the clearance section, wait for seasonal toys and treats to go on sale, etc. Shopping the sales can be an easy way to save money on pet food and supplies. Remember, pet food, like food for humans, has a shelf life; shelf life means that they can’t keep it stocked forever but it also means that it will go bad eventually. Shop the sales while still staying smart. Don’t stock up on something that is going to go bad before you can use it!

Auto Delivery | Online Shopping

Save money on pet food and supplies by shopping online. Things you use everyday can be set up for auto delivery from online retailers, not only do they have lower prices, they also offer convenience. No need to throw your back out buying 50 pounds of food for Fido! With the more expensive brands, online delivery and auto delivery can save you money. Try Amazon, or Chewy! They’re two great online auto ship options.

DIY Projects

Did you know that you can make diy pet toys with items you already have at home? You can also make homemade treats that don’t have quite so many ingredients or chemicals. DIY projects and recipes can really help you save money on pet food and supplies. These kinds of projects also make a great gift for the other pet lovers in your life!

No matter how you decide to save money on pet food and supplies you can rest easy knowing that you’ll never pay more for housing with MCLife just because you have a pet. Our We Love Pets Policy is just one of the many ways we support individuals and families who have pets. Our communities are pet friendly because we know that they are important part of your day to day life. We don’t have breed or sizing restrictions and we never charge more based on your pets.

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