National Coffee Day is on September 29th so have a cup of joe at some of the best places for coffee around Dallas Fort-Worth! 

Crooked Tree Coffeehouse

Described as a “thoroughly charming place” Crooked Tree Coffeehouse is the coziest coffee house in the area. It’s perfect for quiet conversations or when you need to get a few hours of work done privately. 

Drip Coffee Co.

Roasting 100% of it’s coffee beans on site, Drip Coffee Co. prides itself on it’s coffee. Which it should! And whether you want to take a seat, or grab n go — Drip Coffee Co. is the place to go!

Flying Horse Cafe

This popping cafe is the perfect place to grab some coffee and admire local art! Flying Horse Cafe also uses beans from small farms all around the world to create the coffee that locals know and love.


A hipster cafe paired with hunting lodge creates the Mudsmith vibes! Not only is it great for a great cup of coffee, but it’s perfect for your Instagrams and Snapchats — you’ll be the coolest of the cool. Also, if the weather’s nice, take advantage of that outdoor patio! 

Sip/Stir Cafe

Bright and modern are just two words to describe Sip/Stir Cafe. It’s spacious and the best place for large meetings or group hangouts.

White Rock Coffee

This local coffee shop makes you feel like you’re more than just a customer. There’s everything from live music to open mic nights — and of course, delicious coffee. 


Self described as “an Australian style coffee shop with simple European-café-type food and a laid-back, familiar atmosphere.” Ascension is a classic coffee shop with a twist! 

Magnolias Sous le Pont

Probably one of the most aesthetically pleasing coffee shops, Magnolias is your place to go for all the coffees. It’s got choices after choices — so try them all! 

Davis Street Espresso

Con: There’s no wifi. Pro: There’s perfectly brewed coffee! The good outweighs the bad — especially if you’re just looking for something to grab and go!

Cultivar Coffee

A micro-roaster and coffee bar is what describes Cultivar. They serve handcrafted espresso drinks and expertly brewed single-origin coffees that delight the senses.

So celebrate National Coffee Day with some of our coffee faves. Do you have any go to spots?


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