There are a ton of things to do during the summer; lay by the pool, go to a movie or even hang out at home, but one thing that you see almost every character in a movie and television show do is go on a road trip. So we’ve come up with the basics to having that classic summer road trip!

Make A Jamming Playlist:

Whether it’s 500 Miles or the B-52’s, you need have some tunes to keep you going! There’s a certain balance that you have to have with your road trip playlist. It needs to have songs you can sing out loud to but also a few that are calmer. Check out this playlist for some ideas!

Have Snacks:

This is an important one. You need to make sure you have food and drinks to keep you going. Keep your electrolytes up with Gatorade or Powerade. Chocolate might melt during the trip so you might want to stay away from that, but chips and sandwiches are always a great choice. Throw in a couple water bottles and you’re good to go!

Know Where You’re Going:

Before you leave, make sure your GPS is taking you to the correct place. You want to make sure you’re staying on major highways and paved roads. Or else you could find yourself in the middle of the desert, in the dark, passing by a guy with a chainsaw. No thanks.

Have Fun!

All of the above is important to having a classic roadtrip, but the most important part is to enjoy yourself! Your road trip is a part of your vacation! So take lots of pictures and have fun with it!

With all this in mind, you’re now officially able to have a classic, Grade A road trip experience. So fill up the tank and put on your sunglasses; you’re ready to go!

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