A bored dog can be a destructive dog. If you’re worried about Fido being at home all day while you’re out, we’re offering 12 easy ways to keep your bored dog busy while you’re at away from home. 

1. Get a Kong Toy:

One of the most popular dog toys can keep your pup busy all day. If you stuff the toy with some dog friendly peanut butter, most dogs will take hours finding every last piece of peanut butter. It can last all day!

2. Make some noise

Sometimes dogs get distracted by the outside world, but by leaving on a fan or white noise machine you can also help mask those pesky unknown noises. This can help reduce barking which makes your neighbors very happy.

Shut the blinds on the busy side of your house and leave them open on the quiet side for some wildlife viewing.

3. Walk It Off:

This is probably the easiest solution and you’re probably already doing it! Make sure to walk your pup before you leave for work; that way your dog uses up their energy and will just sleep for the rest of the day.

4. Get Relaxing Treat:

Quiet Moments Calming Aid is a treat to promote rest and relaxation in your puppy. This may help your dog relax while you’re gone, making them less prone to do things out of boredom or anxiety.


5. Give your dog a puzzle

Much like kids, dogs are enamored by puzzles. It keeps them busy and when they figure it out, they get a treat! Let your dog use the time your gone to not only play with a puzzle, but also increase their brain function! Here are some great options: Link

6. Schedule Pup-playdates

What better way to keep your dog entertained than scheduling a play date with their favorite pup friend! Switch on and off with your pup’s BFF so that you have one puppy play date at your place and then one at their place!


7. Chewing toys:

Much like the Kong toy, chewing toys will help prevent your pup from chewing on your beloved furniture. Not only that, but these chewing toys will help keep their breath fresh and teeth clean!

8. Get a new toy:

Hold your dog’s attention by getting them a new toy! A new plaything will keep their attention rather than seeing the same old toys over and over again.

9. Make Some Frozen Treats For Your Dog

Another extension of the Kong toy — if you don’t feel like buying a brand new toy for your pup, just make one at home! You can freeze your dog’s favorite treats in some ice, letting them be occupied by the frozen treat while you’re at work! 

10. Doggy Daycare:

If you want to, you can always find a doggy daycare for your dog. There are in-home options, but if you can’t find one in your area, make sure you take some familiar items to the daycare! This way, it’ll make the daycare feel like home for your pup.

11. Vary your schedule occasionally

We all like our schedules, but sometimes things have to change. And a dog who has a varied schedule is less likely to be upset by changes in routine, which means less destruction in your house out of boredom. Try mixing up the weekly routine with a dog walker, doggie daycare, or play dates with friends! 

12. Bring your pup to work with you!

If you work at a place that’s pet friendly, why not try bringing your pup to work with you! Make sure they have all of their favorite toys and a leash to keep them by your desk. This way you can get work done and be with your pup.

Let us know which tricks work for you and remember that all of our apartment properties are pet friendly! Which means you can have a pup of your own or even host a little puppy party!

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  1. Few small dogs like Kongs of any size. We wouldn’t be asking these questions if we could take our dogs on long walks and exercise them a lot.

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