Top Tacos in DFW

Tacos are experiencing a surge of popularity like no other. This hand held traditional Mexican food is popular all over America, but you can find some amazing tacos in Texas. This includes the Dallas, Fort Worth area which is in the northwestern part of the state. The best tacos in DFW are a hard bunch to narrow down, because the selection is so tasty. Some people even eat tacos morning, noon, and night without ever getting tired of them.

The fillings in tacos vary from spicy pork, lime grilled chicken, and basic beef to vegan varieties that are sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. There are no limits as to what can go inside of that little tortilla shell, be it corn or flour.

It’s an essential food group in Texas without a doubt. With so many places to grab these culinary delights the only problems is finding the best ones, so we have done the sampling work for you. Here are some of the top tacos in Dallas Fort Worth that are going to blow your taste buds away.

Salsa Limon (Ft. Worth)

taco limon

Where: 929 University Dr.
Phone: 817-820-0680
Serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and a special late night menu you can’t beat the tacos at Salsa Limon. Their menu is authentic Mexico City style tacos. They have three locations in the Ft. Worth area to serve you, even staying open until 3 am Friday and Saturday nights to feed the hungry bar crowd. The tacos are double folded into corn tortillas with your choice of meat fillings.

Don’t miss the “Lengua”, which might sound scary considering it’s beef tongue, but it’s the best beef tongue you’ll ever eat. Or for the less adventurous sorts, you might stick to the “Chorizo” which is spicy sausage with garlic, vinegar, and guajillo chilles.

Velvet Taco (Ft. Worth and Dallas Locations)

velvet taco 2

Where: 2700 W. 7th St.
Phone: 214-823-8358
With locations in Ft. Worth and Dallas you’ll find that people can’t get enough of this busy taco place. If you are truly hungry, go for the “Whole Rotisserie Bird” which comes with six tortillas, two sides of corn, and their heat sauce to make your own tacos for $20. They even have vegetarian options including the “Nashville Hot Tofu” which is crispy tofu, house brined pickles, and ranch crema in a flour tortilla.

Torchy’s Tacos (Ft. Worth and Dallas Locations)


Where: 928 Northton St.
Phone: 817-289-8226
Torchy’s motto is that they make “damn good” tacos. That might even be an understatement considering their tacos are excellent. With a few locations all over the Ft. Worth and Dallas area, you’ll be able to get your Torchy’s taco fix anytime you want them. Each month they feature an all new taco, with this month’s being the “The American.” It has crunchy fried chicken with pineapple slaw, bacon bits, and ranch sauce on a flour tortilla. They even serve nine different breakfast tacos in case you don’t want to wait until lunch for the best tacos Dallas Ft. Worth has to offer.

Taco Heads (Ft. Worth)

taco heads

Where: 700 Carroll Street
Phone: 817-615-9899
The signature tacos as this hipster place are their “Wild Tilapia” and “Roasted Avo” tacos. If you aren’t sure what “Avo” means, it’s just avocado. Both come sprinkled with different kinds of slaw and mild cotija cheese to make these tacos some of the tastiest in the bunch. Save room for the “Churros with Chili Ganache” as one of their most popular dessert options when you are sick of tacos. As if that ever happens.

Cool and Hot (Dallas)

cool and hot

Where: 930 East 8th St.
Phone: 214-944-5330
This place doesn’t even have a website, so you know they care more about just making great tacos then marketing. The pastor and picadillo tacos are not to be missed at this very casual walk up taco place. Both are spicy good choices that you can get anytime day or night, since they are open 24 hours. Tacos at 4 am? Yes, please! Order a bunch of them because they tend to run on the small, but tasty side.

El Atoron (Dallas)

el atoron

Where: 2023 North Henderson Ave.
Phone: 214-887-8846
Another dive, but gem in the rough kind of place is El Atoron. It doesn’t get much more authentic than this. Tacos run between the bargain price of $1.50-1.70, depending which kind of meat you want. Try the “Tripa” which is beef tripe if you want something out of the ordinary. Or stick to common favorites such as the “Pollo”(chicken) or “Bistec”(steak). This place proves that the best tacos in Dallas Forth Worth don’t have to come from a fancy place.

There you have it! These are our picks for the top tacos in Dallas Fort Worth. What do you think? Where are your favorite spots for tacos in Dallas Fort Worth? Let us know in the comment section below! As always, stay tuned to our blog to get the scoop on the best of eat, shop and play around DFW!

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