I don’t know about you, but this summer heat has got me spending more time inside watching Christmas movies and praying for the winter to get here soon. It’s hot, y’all! One of the hottest summers Dallas has ever seen.

It’s no wonder your energy bills are so high right now, because you’re most likely spending your days trying to hide from the sun rather than melting on the sidewalk. I bet your wallet is crying right now begging you to stop lowering the AC.

If that’s the case, then I have some energy saving tips for you that can help you not only survive this summer heat but do it without having to break the bank!

Close the blinds – This seems kind of obvious, but sometimes we forget that more sun leaking into your place means more heat. Invest in a nice set of curtains for one of those off days where you decide to spend the day lounging and watching movies. I promise, a darker apartment = a cooler apartment, which means you not having to turn the air down that extra two or three notches. TXU Energy suggests, “Use natural sunlight to light your home and turn the blinds towards the ceiling to prevent heat.”

Unplug unused appliances – Even I forget this fun little fact that when you’re not using something, you’re still paying for it. So, not using that DVD player? Unplug it. The microwave? Unplug it. Your curling iron and blow-dryer? Unplug ‘em both! Champion Energy also suggests to limit the times you open the fridge, because “Opening the door multiple time lets out more air and forces the compressor to work harder.” So don’t spend all day standing in front of that door and think ahead of time to decide on what you want!

More fans, less air conditioning – Your air conditioner raises your bill more than you know! So if it’s on the off chance a cooler day outside, you should try to opt out of turning your air conditioner on and instead power up the fans! It’ll save you a buck and keep you just as cool!

Energy Saving Light Bulbs – They aren’t just good for the environment anymore folks! Energy saving lightbulbs help your wallet too! Throw out the old incandescent bulbs and instead invest in some CFL or LED bulbs, they save power which saves you money- and you can recycle them when they go out! TriEagle Energy even has an entire SMART Energy program that boasts the use of environmentally safer bulbs!

Off-Peak Hour Usage – So this was actually something I just learned about, but apparently there are “peak hours” of usage for power. Meaning everyone in your area uses certain power at a peak hour, and the energy company can charge you more for that. So save your laundry for later in the day, or try to wash the dishes at night rather than in the afternoon. You can contact your local provider to inquire more about the peak hours in your area!

And last but not least, have you contacted your local power provider to see if there are any discounts in your area? Sometimes different companies have promotions that you may qualify for. For example, Bounce Energy has an entire rewards program for loyal customers!

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