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Spring time is almost here, which means nicer weather is on its way. If the rain and cool weather has you feeling like you have been cooped up for far too long, you may be looking for activities that you can do outdoors. When spring break rolls around grab the kids and get outside. Luckily, there are many fun and interesting things you can do in the Dallas, TX area during the spring and summer months with the whole family. Here are a few outdoor family friendly activities around Dallas that will allow you to enjoy the beautiful spring weather. We have you covered with family friendly activities around Dallas.

See the Flowers Blooming

dallas arboretum

Many people associate spring time with the time of year that everything begins to grow again after being dormant in the winter. One thing that begins to bloom in spring are flowers. Dallas is home to some of the most beautiful flowers and trees. If you love looking at these items, taking a trip to either the Texas Discovery Garden or Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden may be ideal for you.

The Texas Discovery Garden is home to different themed areas, including an area for butterflies, a rose garden, a scented garden and a pond area. The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden features mansions with perfectly manicured lawns, statues, sculptures, and beautiful trees and gardens.

Take in a Baseball Game


Another fan outdoor activity you can do in the Dallas area is to take in a baseball game. The Texas Rangers play ball just on the outskirts of Dallas. Be sure to check their website to find out when their home games are and what events may be occurring on different days. If you are looking to soak up the sunshine, while relaxing with a hot dog or peanuts in hand, a baseball game is the perfect activity for you. Bring a glove for the kiddos – they’ll love trying to catch a foul ball. Baseball is one of the best family friendly activities around Dallas.

 Go for a Hike

cedar ridge preserve

It is very common for people to put on a few pounds during the winter months. After all, many of us eat warm comfort foods during the cold months, indulge on sweets during the holidays and live a more sedentary lifestyle because of the poor weather. However, once it warms up again, you may be looking to shed those pounds while also doing something fun outside.

While you can go jogging or biking through your neighborhood, you may be looking for a change of scenery. In this case, check out some of the many preserves and state parks in the Dallas, Texas area. Three of the best ones include the Cedar Ridge Preserve, Oak Cliff Nature Preserve and Cedar Hill State Park. All three of these areas have gorgeous outdoor settings and safe hiking, biking and jogging trails.

Get Some Fresh Fruit

dallas farmers market

The last thing you can do to get outdoors and enjoy the weather is visit the Dallas Farmers Market. Pick up some fresh fruits or vegetables at the peak of the season and help locals make a living. It’s a win-win situation.

When the weather outside begins to heat up, you may begin to look for fun things to do outside. If you are looking for something to do that allows you to take advantage of the nice weather in Dallas, TX, consider seeing the flowers in full bloom, taking in a baseball game, going hiking at a preserve or state park or visiting a local farmers market. Each of these activities are kid and family friendly so you won’t need to worry about finding a sitter or leaving anyone at home.

What do you think? What are your favorite family friendly activities around Dallas to check out in the springtime? We love getting outside and exploring all that Dallas has to offer. Stay tuned to our blog for all things eat, shop and play around Dallas.

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