A new season means it’s time for a little redecorating. We’ve come up with 5 ways for you to add color to your apartment!

Go for big, colorful art.

Probably the most obvious one — find a big and bright piece of art that you love. Hang it anywhere in your apartment so that your eyes are immediately drawn to it. And if you don’t want to buy it, just grab a plain white canvas and make it yourself! DIY Splatter paints are all the rage right now and they’re super easy to make!


Use colorful pillows and throws.

Get the best of both worlds with colorful pillows and throws : that splash of color AND some new comfy accessories. Plus, you can easily switch out the pillows and throws depending on your mood, or what the occasion calls for.

Get Floral:

Flowers are the easiest ways to add a vibrant color to an otherwise dull room. There are so many options! You can mix it up with colorful bouquets, go the fake flower route, or keep it simple with some classic stemmed flowers. You can place them in your kitchen or coffee table just to add a detail to the room. 


Colorful Curtains:

Blinds can be seriously drab — so get rid of them! Hang up some colorful curtains to add that burst of color. Make sure you stick with your favorite colors to start rather than overwhelming the room with more patterns. 

Fill Your Home with Plants:

If you’re not a flower person, you can go a different plant route and still get that color! Not only will you get a pop of color from your plants, you will also have a bit more cleaner air than the rest of the neighborhood. Or you could just go the fake route again, just in case you don’t really have a green thumb. 

Try out some of these colorful ideas and share your favorites!


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