Spring has sprung. It’s over, people. It’s time to throw those sweaters and cardigans in the back of your closet and start spending insane amounts of money on swimsuits and sunglasses (that you will lose, over and over and over again.)

Summer is crawling upon us, and with that comes those wonderful summer nights that you dreamed about while curling up to a heating pad during the winter. Wearing shorts, getting tanned, the smell of sunscreen, sleeveless shirts- it’s summertime, y’all.

That beautiful summer sun is more than enough of an excuse to step outside and get a breath of fresh air. Hang out with some friends, take your pets for a walk, start a garden, lounge by the pool, do whatever you can to get enough hours outside before winter creeps back in.

Speaking of the most beautiful time of the year- you know who may be a big- nay, the biggest- fan of summertime?

Your dog.

Summer is your dog’s bread and butter. More time in the park? Check. An excuse to run through every sprinkler system in the neighborhood? Check. Beach trips? Check. Extended hours playing in the backyard? Check. Sun, like, all day long? Check. The smell of cookouts and the possibilities of snagging an unattended hotdog on any given day? Check and check.

Your dog loves summer.

And luckily, there are places in your area that love your dog.
It’s become increasingly popular for local restaurants and bars to reevaluate their pet policy. Long gone are the days where you got shamed for being too attached to your dog. In fact, most bars are more than dog friendly these days. (Some of them even have specialty dog menus. Can I get a puppachino, anyone?)

So why not grab your pup and head on out this summer? We’ve found some great local spots that will allow your furry friend to tag along on one of those hot summer hangouts.

Mutts Canine Cantina

It’s in the name! This dog friendly, uptown Dallas restaurant is perfect for all of your friends – four legged or otherwise. It combines all of your favorite things in one place: friends, food, and drinks. There’s even a dog park!

Lazy Dog Restaurant

A combination of a lodge and restaurant, take your pup to this relaxed, lodge-chic place that serves global comfort fare, including stir-fries, pot roast & pastas. Get that small mountain town vibe right in the heart of Dallas!

Good Friend

This bustling joint with a patio offers specialty burgers, creative sides & a vast selection of beer that can only be enjoyed with your dog by your side!

Katy Trail Ice House

Get a taste of Austin without leaving Dallas! This beer garden and restaurant is right on the Katy Trail. A fifty foot long bar has fifty beers on tap, plus they’ve been awarded the best patio in Dallas! What a perfect place to share with your doggo.

Lee Harvey’s

It’s been declared that Lee Harvey’s is “a roaring good time,” and people are urged to “snag a fireside picnic table with friends and share the tab at the 50-year-old bar.” Burgers and beer in a hip retro bar with picnic bench yard seating, live music and of course, dog-friendly Sundays.

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