June 17th is almost upon us- and that means Father’s day is here. Which means refrain from touching the air conditioner, don’t sit in his recliner, and prepare to spend some time at home watching the same 3 Freeform movies on repeat for the weekend.

If your dad is anything like mine- he lives for the little things. (And that sometimes makes it incredibly hard to shop for him.) Should I get him another cool tie? Ironic mug? Or maybe add to his Amazon Alexa collection, which he will undoubtedly use incorrectly because modern technology can be hard. Maybe I should get him that thing he’s been talking about for his car. Or a collector’s edition of that World War II movie he’s seen 10,000 times. What about that ironic apron and grilling set?

These are all great ideas, but they’re also all… so overdone.

How about this year you do something different? Forget staying in and watching the same movie over and over again, or doing that awkward family dinner where everything kind of feels a little bit forced? Let’s pack away the collection of quirky ties and bad homemade gifts and instead treat your dad to something he may not expect- some time out.

Surprise your dearest dad this Father’s Day by getting him out of the house. Make your old man ditch the slippers and put on some real shoes, because you’ve got the weekend to spend doing nothing but appreciating him!

Here are some unique ideas on how to spend this Father’s day weekend!


Is there anything that sounds more perfect than bringing your dad to an event called “Dad Fest”? The answer is no, because Dad Fest at Shannon Brewing is here to celebrate not only your actual dad but any fatherly figure you have in your life. With a fun day filled with music, booze, food and different event and contests- I don’t know if you can go wrong with this one. Only 35 minutes from your place at Saddle Creek, this is an event you don’t want to miss!


Okay, so, dads and dogs. Dogs and dads. There’s nothing better than the two. So why not take your pop to an awesome lunch at Flying Saucer on the Lake? It’s only 20 minutes from your doorstep at The Place at Harvestree. Enjoy adoptable dogs on the patio and brews and snacks!


So your dad is a nerd. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, most dads are (sometimes secretly) huge geeks. Which is why they longingly stare at museums and watch a lot of history documentaries. Well good news, The National Videogame Museum is celebrating dads on Father’s day with half priced admission tickets. You and your pop can get in for $6 a person, making this a cheap and super fun event idea for Father’s Day! Only a 20-minute drive from your apartment at Saddle Creek, it’s time for you and dad to get nerdy and play some games!


Maybe your dad is the kinda guy that likes to just go with the flow. If he’s a big fan of just hanging out, then I have the perfect idea for you. Campion Trail’s Sam Houston Park is celebrating dad’s this father’s day by doing a kite flying event in the park. Kite flying. Talk about some perfect dad/kid bonding time. For $5 you and your dad can learn to fly a kite and hang out in the sun. Bonus points for packing a picnic basket and setting up an umbrella and blanket. Only 25 minutes away from your place at Harvestree, all you need is a picnic basket, some shoes, and to pick up your dad on the way to the park!


If you’re looking for a full weekend of events, then the Dallas Arboretum is at your service. All weekend long they’re offering different events celebrating dads all around Texas. For example, you can get your grill on with a live demonstration on grilling brats, or chill with some live music. You can even sample beer, and enjoy different food trucks every day! Admission is $15 a person for adults, and is only a short drive from your place at Harvestree and Saddle Creek!

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