Is there anything more American than a hot summer cook out? A grill filled with different sizzling meats, the sound of a cold drink being popped open, the smell of sunscreen and the feeling of the hot summer afternoon cooling into a nice evening? Some of the best memories you’ll ever make happen at cook outs.

And no one does them quite like Dallas does.

If you haven’t planned a cookout yet this summer, now is the time. All you have to do is pick a space- whether it’s your backyard, or a friend’s, or even a local public park. It’s gotta be somewhere you and a few friends and family can gather easily to enjoy food and each other’s company.

After that it’s all about getting the word out. It’s 2018, so you know getting in contact with your friends and family is easier than ever because everyone practically has a phone glued to their side. Might I suggest using facebook as your base of operations? It’s an easy place to create an event and invite friends and family all in one place. Plus, it makes it extra easy to update everyone all at once and share pictures and recipes!

The next step, perhaps, the most important step- is getting together the food. This is the time to elevate your summer cook out and take it to the next level. Now, I know in the past you may have chosen to just hit up Walmart and grab whatever packaged hotdogs and hamburgers you can find, but I have a new suggestion for you- and that is your Local Farmer’s Market.

With isles of farm fresh locally grown produce and meat, I promise you, your cook out guests will not leave with an empty belly.

So where do you go to find such a place?

Georgia’s Farmer’s Market in Plano, Texas.

Just a mere 15 minutes from The Place at Harvestree and only 20 minutes from The Place at Saddle Creek sits Georgia’s Farmer’s Market, an open air market with some of the choicest produce and meats around. With added bonuses of locally harvested honey, homemade jams, spices, jams, eggs and much, much more- Georgia’s Farmer’s Market is your must stop for the best cookout in town.

So let’s get the basics down for what you’ll need to plan one of the best cookouts of the summer:

Cook outs are a recipe for some good summer fun, and no one hosts them like we do in Dallas, Texas!

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