Dallas is one of the most dog-friendly cities in the country according to Rover. Here, we’ve got no shortage of walkable trails and parks for dogs to play, many of DFW’s restaurants even allow pets on the patio. Are you ready to add a dog to your family? Ask yourself these seven questions first.

1. Do you have the time?

Pet ownership requires a lot of your devoted attention, this is especially true if you are thinking about adding a new puppy to your family. If you work away from your home, in an office for a full work day, you’ll need to consider what you will do with your pup when you are not home. For example, will you be able to come home on your lunch hour to take your pet on potty breaks, or, can you afford a pet sitter or dog walker?

2. What is your budget?

Owning a dog does not come cheap. It is estimated that the costs of owning a new pet in the first year totals up to over $1,000, according to the ASPCA. From dog chow and veterinary care, you’ll have to assess the costs.

3. Do your roommates want a pet, too?

So, you want a dog. But, do your roommates? Adding a new pet into the apartment means that there will likely be occasional messes and even some chewing on the carpet or shoes. Make sure that both you and your roommates are on the same page about adding a dog into the home.

4. Is your family a good fit?

Just like roommates, your family has to want to add a dog to the family, and they must be a good fit, too. Small children and some dogs may not be a good fit. And, if your family travels a lot or is out of the apartment frequently, you’ll have to consider who will take care of the new pup.

5. Who will be the primary caretaker?

Dogs, especially when they are young, require walks and frequent potty breaks. Taking care of a dog is a big responsibility and they will require lots of love and care. So, before you add a new dog to your family consider who will be the dog’s primary caretaker.

6. Are you allergic?

As cute as they are, sometimes they cause allergies. If you think you might be allergic, spend some time with a dog breed that you are might want to adopt. While dogs are not hypoallergenic there are some breeds that shed less, including poodles and Portuguese water dogs.

7. Does your lease allow pets?

Yes! Here at MCLife we welcome pets and dog breeds of all shapes and sizes. Our MCLife We Love Pets Policy allows all residents to live with their furry family members, without any restrictions.


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