Yuck! Nobody likes spoiled groceries. Keep your produce, canned goods and dry items fresh with these storage and preservation tips.

1. Preserve herbs and leafy greens

Put your fresh leafy greens and herbs in a vase or jar of water. Doing this allows them to last longer and stay fresh.

2. Keep chives longer

Chop your chives and dried green onions up finely. Then, place them in a water bottle and store it in the freezer. When you’re ready to use, just bring out your water bottle and add them to your dish.

3. Store bananas properly

You may have noticed that your bananas seem to go the quickest. One day they are nearly green and the next, a brownish mush. This may be because you are storing them improperly. When you bring a bunch of bananas home, be sure to store them away from other fruits and vegetables. These other foods emit a gas that ripens the banana at a faster pace than it normally would ripen.

4. Transfer dry goods

When storing dry goods like flours, sugars and other similar items take them out of the original packaging and use a clear container to store. Not only will this method help to keep your ingredients fresh, it can help you easily identify what’s inside.

5. Keep tomatoes at room temperature

Tomatoes should always be stored at room temperature and out of the sunlight. The sun can ripen and soil your tomatoes. You should also avoid storing your tomatoes in plastic bags and the moisture that accumulates in the bag can lead to spoilage.

6. Use the right drawers

Try to avoid storing your produce items in the fridge doors. This area of the fridge fluctuates in temperature and those inconsistent temps can lead to spoiling. It’s best to store these items in the bottom drawers of the middle of your refrigerator.

7. Keep canned goods away from heat

Be sure to store your canned goods in a dry and cool place. Avoid storing them over the oven, in damp areas like the garage or basement or underneath the sink.


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