Need a place in your home to work or study? If you are lacking in square footage and don’t have an entire room to dedicate to a home office, we have some small space hacks for your home office.

1. Cube Storage

Perfect for holding big or small items, depending on the size of the cube! They can easily store under your desk or even on top if they’re small enough. Paint the inside your favorite color and then fill em with whatever you want!

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2. Clip-On Desk Organizers:

Maximize your desk space by clipping these desk organizers onto the sides! That way you can keep things like pens and paper clips right where you need em without having them get all over the place.

3. Give yourself a view.

Even though you are working at home, make sure you put your desk somewhere so you’re facing something interesting. Whether it be a window, the door or a pretty picture, just make sure it’s not simply a blank wall.

4. Don’t forget about the Light!

Tying in with the view, make sure your home office has plenty of natural light! Cut down on the eye strain and headaches by positioning your laptop or tablet so there’s no glare from the window and just put a small lamp on the desk for when it gets dark out.

5. Choose homey accessories.

Make your home office feel like home by decorating with things around your home! Enhance the comfy feeling of your home office by using things like family pictures, art your kids have done for you or a pretty mug to hold some pens and pencils.

6. Don’t run to big, chain office stores for supplies.

Instead of spending a ton of money on office supplies, head to the Dollar Store for basic items like pens, papers, bulletin boards and whatever else you can find!

7. Mason Jar Holders:

Have old Mason Jars lying around? Use them in your home office! They can hold anything from pens to pencils to paper clips!

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8. Make a Closet Office

Have an extra closet and don’t want your desk to fill up space in your room? Try putting it in your closet! It’s a great way to give yourself a little work space and when you’re done working, you can literally just close the door!

9. Use that Spare Corner:

By using one corner, you can create a whole office space! Nestle your desk in the corner along with your chair and whatever else you need!

10. Look for multifunctional pieces:

Vanities can be used as desks, Ottoman’s work as seats and extra storage! There are plenty of things around the house that can be used for more than one purpose!

Let us know which small space hacks you use and if you have any of your own!

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