Halloween is this weekend and if you’re anything like me, you’ve def procrastinated beyond belief in getting your Halloween costume together. Both don’t freak out! We’ve come up with ten simply DIY Halloween costumes for all ages! Read on for more!

1. Bag of Jelly Beans

Super simple and super sweet! This should only take you a few minutes and a couple of balloons! Get a clear trash bag and make sure you cut holes for your legs and arms. Then print out and paste the logo of the jelly beans onto the bag before filling the bag up with different colored balloons! Tie the trash back up near your neck and top it off with a bright ribbon!

2. Bubble Bath:

Similar to the bag of jellybeans, this costume involves lots of balloons. You can wear white or soft pink then just stick different sized white balloons all over your body! Make sure to bring along a loofah or a rubber ducky to complete the look!

3. Nerd

A classic last minute Halloween costume that never fails! All you need is a pair of glasses with some tape in the middle, a shirt with a pocket protecter (throw some pens in there too!) that’s tucked into some high waisted pants and maybe even some textbooks! For extra nerdiness, grab some suspenders!

4. Risky Business

One of the easiest last minute Halloween costume ever! Get an oversized white button down shirt, a pair of socks and some sunglasses! 

5. Scuba Diver

Looking for something that’s simple but still fun? This DIY scuba diver costume is the perfect thing! And it’s fun for all ages!! Check out how to make it: link

6. Ghost

If you think Risky Business was easy, you’re gonna LOVE this ghost costume. All you need is an old bed sheet! Cut holes for your eyes and there you go!

7. Viking Costume

History buff? Why not make yourself (or your kiddo) into a Viking? Here’s how: link

8. Waldo

This one might take a little more work than the ghost and Risky Business. You’ll need a red and white striped shirt (or a white shirt with some red tape), a red and white hat, black round glasses and a pair of jeans! See if your friends can find you in the crowd!

9. Lumberjack

How CUH-YUTE is this tiny little lumberjack? Find out how to make it happen by following this link

10. Jane Goodall

Another very, very cute kid costume (that also works for adults!) Here’s how to make it: link

Hopefully these costume ideas relieve a little of your Halloween stress! Let us know your favorite costume ideas!

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