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The Place at Vanderbilt

Via ~ Apartment

I have lived in the Vanderbilt since I moved here from Kansas City back in 2010 and I would say that my living here has been wonderful! The office staff has only changed one time and that is a big plus. I am going to say Jacinta and Norma are great and runs your office well.

The Place at Saddle Creek

Via ~ Apartment Ratings.Com

This is a nice community and quieter than most. The grounds are taken care of. The office staff is very nice. It is nice to have views of trees and not other peoples windows. Overall, a great place to live. The community is home to many pet lovers as witnessed by the dogs walks.

The Place at Mira Vista Ranch

Via ~ Apartment Ratings.Com

Great place to live. It looks like the only people complaining are the ones not following the rules. I have been here over a year. People in the office are really nice. My apartment is awesome. I have never had any problems.

The Place at Harvestree

Via ~ Apartment Ratings.Com

This apartment is the best in Plano, you won’t regret to live here, the staffs are so nice and professional. I’ve been living here for about 2 months, it’s way much better than the one I used to live in Irving. Highly recommend to those who are looking for a nice place to live.