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How to Make More Space in Your Apartment for Holiday Guests

Having family and friends come to town for the holidays can be overwhelming. If you’re the holiday host, you might need to find extra ways to make room and entertain a group of people. We’re bringing you practical tips for making more space in your apartment to accommodate those holiday guests.

For those Staying Overnight:

  • Invest in a quality air mattress. If you don’t have a second bed, a good quality air mattress can go a long way. They’re easily storable and certain sizes can fit more than one person. That way, you don’t have to stress over sleeping arrangements.
  • Have a place for your guests to stow their luggage. Don’t let the luggage of your overnight guests take up room. Have a closet or a corner where your guests can put their suitcases. That way they aren’t overflowing into the kitchen and your guests will feel like their stuff is private.
  • Make the living room bedroom-like. This can be as simple as a lamp and a place to plug in their electronics. You can have extra pillows, towels and whatever else they might need to feel at home.
  • Phone a friend. If you know of a friend who’s traveling for the holidays, reach out and see if it would be okay if you could “borrow” their home for your guests. It’s like an AirBnB but without the cost.

For General Holiday Parties:

  • Poufs Pillows & Places To Perch: Your apartment might be small, so use some pillows for those who have to sit on the floor. Even make use of those wide window ledges or throw some comfy blankets over empty spaces!
  • Create Conversation Areas: Don’t shove your furniture against the walls in an effort to make room. Instead, create small conversation areas with the furniture so that there’s room to sit, eat and talk!
  • Spread the Snacks Around Your Home: Spread the snacks around so people walk around and they aren’t all crowded up against one table. This way people move around the apartment for new snacks and new conversations!
  • Take It Outside: If it comes down to it,  don’t be afraid to go outdoors. Throw on a puffy coat and play around in the snow or just spread out. It’s more space and you can always go back indoors if you have to.

Hopefully some of these tips help you in hosting your holiday parties! The most important thing to remember is to have fun!

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